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Aesthetic stomatology

A beautiful smile opens all the doors

This service is getting more and more popular. Beautiful smile is a luxurious mark and heightens your social prestige. Nice teeth is a must in many jobs, a requirement of success. We wish that all of our clients had one.

The fillings are part of our daily practice. With the front teeth, it is unthinkable today that the filling would not have the natural colour of the tooth. We also recommend to pay attention to the grinders as well so you can speak and smile truly without any doubts. The so called white fillings made of fotocomposite materials (white resin) are also of higher-quality from the perspective of functionality and lifespan. The scheduled appointment and choice of material are always individual, after the agreement with the patient.

Modelation of fillings – invisible filling even for a greatly damaged tooth.

When the tooth is largely damaged by the decay, it is necessary to model a filling in the laboratory based on the imprint.

Facets – whitening teeth

Sometimes it is necessary to distinctively change not just the colour but the shape and size of one or multiple front teeth. The composite or ceramic facets are appropriate. Firstly, we carefully adjust the visible surface of the tooth. Then the imprint is taken and thin white facets are made in a laboratory based on that. Dentist fixes them on the teeth tehn. Procedures are done in local anaesthesia.

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