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Restorative Dentistry

We fix even what others can´t

The main goal of the restorative dentistry is the preservation of a tooth or teeth. No matter whether damaged by a cavity or for example by accident. Lighter damages can be solved with a filling. You will decide whether to choose the esthetic white (fotocomposite) or less-quality amalgam filling. It is good to listen to the recommendation of your dentist.

If the damage reaches the nerves, the treatment of the root canals is necessary (more information here). The procedures are executed painlessly with local anaesthesia and we honor an individual approach to our patients. Not only is every person different, but so is a tooth. For that reason, there are no completely universal treatments. Dentist must always ponder all alternatives and choose an appropriate method in accordance with the extent of damage and other aspects. Sometimes there are more options. Based on the consultation with your dentist you can then choose the type of procedure on your own.

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